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          The material selection is exquisite, and the transparency of high penetration imported plate is as high as 98%, and the color is not fading in 30 years.

          According to the characteristics of the product, more than 15 years of experience designers can customize the unique display products to help you
          upgrade the product level and shape the corporate image.

          Qiaofeng pursues perfection, aiming at the details, introducing the high precision equipment, the special person one by one quality inspection, the tolerance ensures plus or minus 0.01, the glue is exclusive to the adhesion firmness strong anti-bubble, the quality is not worried.

          We provide special person tracking for each customer, timely reporting progress, timely delivery, after-sales guarantee!

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          All businesses require certain design ability and professional training on product professional knowledge. Qiaofeng has more than 10 years of experience in product designers, and can provide customized services for you. 8 more than 15 years of experience in the board to serve you to ensure quality.

          Qiaofeng,25 Years history


          About Us

          About us

          Zhejiang Huangyan Qiaofeng Plastic Products Factory islocated in the industrial economic prosperity, traffic convenient, enjoy "PlasticTown of China " Huangyan, Zhejiang province. The company covers an area of 4582.8 squaremeters, factory building area of 2875 square meters, has advanced productionequipment and complete supporting facilities, registered capital 5.28 millionYuan, annual sales of one hundred million Yuan. It is a professional householdstorage box has more than ten years production experience, set productdevelopment design, production, sales and service in a body's enterprise, basedon creative design and fashion color, let every space in good order, let lifebecome more perfect.

          Zhejiang Huangyan Qiaofeng Plastic Products Factory has beena manufacturer specializing in storage bags and plastic house ware products forover 10 years. Our range of products in-clued vacuum compression bags, storageboxes, plastic house ware. Taking "customers and credit first" as itssole operation principle, UPU provides the customers with the best qualityproducts and services.

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